Xerjoff Coffee Break – Golden Dallah


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Xerjoff Coffee Break Collection – GOLDEN DALLAH (Exclusive)

The COFFEE BREAK perfume collection takes its inspiration from the intriguing, century-long
history of the international Coffee trade. Each perfume is then customized through olfactory notes
and trails inspired by the different places where coffee’s history has left its traces.
GOLDEN DALLAH belongs to this perfume collection and is dedicated to the Arabic coffee culture,
as a matter of fact “Dallah” is the name of the traditional Arabic coffee pot used for centuries to
brew and serve a spicy, bitter coffee traditionally served during feasts like Eid al-Fitr.

Olfactory Pyramid:

Fresh Exotic Spices

Coffee Absolute, Rose Absolute, Incense, Cambodian Oud, Amber

Cocoa, Tonka Hyperessence



  • Parfum
  • Unisex
  • 50ml




Xerjoff is an Italian luxury brand created by Sergio Momo in 2003, offering distinctive fragrances composed of the finest ingredients, in exquisite packaging. Talking about Xerjoff means going beyond the olfactory dimension, to enter a wider universe. Where the perceptive and sensorial areas are blend together, rediscovers the golden ages when the art of perfumery was hand in hand with the multi-sensorial arts of their bottle holders. Created by the artisan expertise of the master perfumers’ of Grasse, Xerjoff is a journey towards the discovery of the most precious part of the fascinating territory of essences, the place where the unique alliance between the millenary knowledge of Nature and technological research is celebrated.  The exclusive nature of the raw materials, selected from the very best offered by the traditional export countries is matched with meticulous attention to detail, right down to the creation of surprising sculpture bottles carved out of quartz stone, Murano glass and other precious materials.