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Passion and commitment, but also bravery. These are the values ​​that moved us in creating Nobile 1942, giving life to the third generation of the Nobile family in the world of perfumery A tradition that we respect, keeping our eyes focused also on our future,. Our style is unique and has a strong character. The concepts related to perfumes hide multisensory stories and immerse us in intriguing atmospheres

Everything start with Umberto Nobile, Massimo’s grandfather, a name that has always been synonymous with luxury fragrances. Since the early 30s he represented Nina Ricci perfumes and in 1942, at the heigh of Second World War, he decided to open a perfumery for his wife in Rome. It became a family tradition: Massimo’s father did the same for his wife in Naples and also Massimo’s brother, who fell in love with a woman from Tuscany, opened a perfumery for his wife. Moved by love of beautiful things and by passion handed down from father to son, Massimo did something different. In 2004, he decided to create with his wife Stefania Giannino a brand that represents the Italian elegance worldwide. We’ve never followed trends: the main example is that in 2011, when the western world of perfumery went crazy for agarwood, we launched “La Danza delle Libellule”, a vanilla perfume, that became our best seller worldwide. What is important is to keep our sober elegance, that can stand up over time, to meet our customers’ expectations. The first fragrance was Pontevecchio, created in 2004 and distributed in 2005, which marked the beginning of Nobile 1942’s in the new millennium.

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