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Born in Norway, Kristian aka Malbrum spent his adult life travelling across the world to gain expertise in sourcing highest quality of essential oils, wood extracts, absolutes and molecules. Perfume became his main interest at the age of 8, not only for his sensitive nose, but also as a result of his highly curious personality.

As a kid he was known for his wish improve everything by taking apart toys, computers and fireworks in order to put it back together to work in a faster, louder and more impressive way.

He was incredibly annoyed by the thought of how this was impossible with perfumes.

Years later he was found at Carlsberg breweries, where he learned how to produce beer, soda, and most importantly water with natural blueberry taste. The discovery of the blueberry tasting water and its chemical composition led him to the global suppliers of natural molecules, which also is used in perfumery.

He developed a vision to establish a company that focuses on the quality aspects of perfume, namely the longevity and choice of ingredients. He felt that a sharp focus on quality that Norway is known for, combined with his fearless love for experiments would lead a small but loyal core of enthusiasts to new discoveries.

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