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Le Monarque Perfumes Paris

The Most Exclusive Perfumes in The World.
Veritable ambassador of the French Haute Parfumerie in the world, the Parisian House LE MONARQUE was founded in 2016.

As all veritable work of art, Le MONARQUE fragrances are unique and extremely rare.

Every original creation is produced only in a LIMITED EDITION of 1 000 numbered flacons. Consequently, the access to every perfume LE MONARQUE is extremely confidential throughout the world and for a very short time period.

Every numbered perfume bottle is accompanied by its Certificate of Authenticity. Veritable member card, this certificate integrating the NFC technology is also the guarantee for our privileged customers that only 1 000 individuals in the world will be able to wear this original fragrance.

Furthermore, our members owning a numbered flacon LE MONARQUE have exclusive access to the recharge of their fragrance, thus assuring them a personal exclusive olfactory signature for life.

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