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BYRON Parfums

From high end, niche and specialties, perfumers research and translate trends and ingredients for the next generation of product development. They have access to the finest and most complex natural ingredients as well as the latest and most esoteric aromatic chemicals. This encourages creativity and helps create signature scents for our customers.
When one takes a close interest in BYRON’s creations, one cannot help but make the connection between perfume and music.
We find there, as evidence, the alchemy of the compositions, the search for raw materials and the harmony of scents and colors. Everything is there because BYRON has a vivid vision of its work.
Each perfume is composed in the manner of a painting and is part of a framework which is specific to it.
BYRON plays, note by note, his works without ever losing sight of the essential: to imagine fragrances that take the soul on a journey for the greatest pleasure of all.

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